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The Fur Den has 2 more years of life now!

White Fox

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I just wanted to let you folks here know that the Fur Den's membership has been paid up for another two years. However, this is due to the generosity of two of it's administrators. We generally do not credit Administrators with things such as this, as we want this site to belong to you folks and not us so we are not mentioning names here.


I want to stress though that this is simply a loan from these people and not a payment. They have already made a large donation to the Den! So we do need to pay them back. As these admins cannot easily afford such excess generosity, the loan needs to be repaid. After this shut down, I thought that everyone here would like to know that for now at least we are back on solid ground! However, the site still has to pay these administrators back, so we still do need some donations to do that. Please help if you can.


As mentioned just even half the price of one cup of coffee a week can help us out so much right now. So please help out to sponsor us if you can. It will mean a whole lot to all of us here!


I also want to very deeply thank each and every one who has already given us a donation! I've not been in good shape here lately due to some very severe operations so was not able to thank everyone as donations came in. But I do want to really thank each of you personally for making a donation here. That has meant that our little home will live on for at least another two years!


White Fox


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As awesome as that is.. this site is still pretty dead. The one, or two posts a day versus your forum full of people on the other side. I gave money, but to be honest I'm not sure why at this point. The history behind this place is great, but it doesn't have anything to keep coming back for.


Some of us may've been banned from ffg because 2dye4's ego is as big as the moon, but it's all still viewable content that is kind of worth going see. Granted most of the photos end up on tumblr, imagefap, or other sites - it still has its worth of stuff to actually go look at.



I'm hoping that changes here, but until it does I can't personally donate to a lost cause.


I also love how 2dye called me out in the forums - the 'troublemakers'.. Give me a break. You have a differing opinion, and the guy bans you, but I digress. That all has been said before...

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I understand your reasoning, but if this site is to survive we need input from members as to what the staff can do to make this website more "attractive" to fur lovers and stimulate discussions. The lack of suggestions virtually insures the site and all it's content will be lost in 2 years.

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