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want a fox/beaver/coyote 3/4 or full-length mens coat in ATL


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Sounds like an interesting combination of furs. If you have an actual design; contact a local furry. I have used Neiman Marcus to redesign and alter my fur coats. They made beaver fur pillows and a coyote throw from my own pelts for me. They are a little pricy but their work is excellent and well worth it (yes they deal with men's fur coats).


PM me I can tell you where to acquire (buy) the pelts needed if you are required to provide them. I can also give you the name of company that makes fur coats from the pelts that you supply. However, this is the most expensive way to go because of the waste where a furry could use the waste in another garment. Also with a garment this pricy you want to make sure the fit is perfect and you want to be available for alterations.

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Hi Don

we do not carry any beavers or coyotes at the moment but we can make you a fox if you like. PM us for a quote

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