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Please let us know when you donate because...

White Fox

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When you make a donation often times we cannot tell who donates due to new emails not on our Forum's records, etc. If those are changed and you donate by Pay Pal or even if you donate by check etc., we cannot often link those to site names and we will NEVER give up someone's privacy here in any way by using a personal name, etc.


***If you give us a donation could you please give us a quick PM and let us know who you are so we can at least put your name up top and mention you with a huge Thank You. We just received a large donation lately, and we have to put the name up as anonymous as we cannot tell who donated. We really want to say Thank You here as this means so much to us.


***Also, if you have donated before and we did not recognize you it is likely this is the problem. If you can just give us an idea on when you donated and the amount, we can see if we can pin point that down and at least give you credit. I would LOVE to get rid of all of these "Anonymous" donations and put a name on all of them. So we could say a whole hearted Thank You for your support here.


Folks this puts us even closer to our goal. But we ARE still somewhat short. If you can see your way to help us here that will mean SO much to us. Even if we can find a way to work a less expensive Gallery here or something such it will take a long time to get everything changed over so we will need to renew this site as is for at least a short while and we do need help to do that.


Thanks all

White Fox

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PayPal allows donors to add a comment to the transaction (although the comment area is not always obvious) which is the best place to let us know your user-id. If we cannot identify the user making the donation, we will use "Anonymous" in our announcement text to at least recognize that someone made a donation.

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