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White Fox

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Folks we often forget little things here. One thing that often helps others is if you could give at least a little idea on where you are from. I know that there are few people here at all who want to be public about their visits to this site. First off, being here is more or less of a private and personal matter. And add to that, it is simply not the business of others to know what is going on here.


However, you don't need to tell your street and lot number! Just that it would help even if you gave an idea of the country you live in and maybe if you would like, the general area in that country if it is big. Like Western USA or something like that. It just makes it a whole lot easier for others to know how to interpret your posts and all of that sort of thing. With nothing, you might be in Australia or Canada and in most parts of the year the climate of those two places is totally different.


If you don't want to do this we understand of course. This is only a suggestion, but one that I think would help all of us here to understand each other to know where we all "Hail From" here.



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