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Technical help needed...

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We are looking for a bit of tech help here for the immediate future while one of our folks is recovering. If anyone here is qualified to help do a full site reload please let us know. Just that we need to get this done soon in order to avoid further problems. If you can help please give Me (White Fox) or AKCoyote a quick PM here.


Thanks all


White Fox...

Admin. (What ever that means. ha ha!)

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To expand and clarify White Fox's request,

we are looking for someone who has experience with Linux and Apache. Any knowledge of Postfix, Cyrus/Sasl, phpBB, Coppermine, and/or PmWiki would be helpful. One need NOT be an expert in working with the previously mentioned softwares, but should have some level of knowledge they can apply and be willing to research what they are not familiar with.

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