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Custom made minkcape lined with sheepskin


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I received my new custom-made mink cape lined with sheepskin. It´s wonderful to wear, real heavy and warm. The mink cape is an old one that I bought on auction and it belonged to an Swedish show artist that made the cape for a performance in Las Vegas. The rumor says that it is around 150-180 minks in the cape. I let my furrier line the cape with six sheepskin that I had at home. Now it´s so heavy that i can´t use it in a normal way. There is some problem to take care of the sweep when I walking but I learn how to handle that. The cape is reversible so I can use both side if I want to do that. I can promise you it´s a dream to wear the cape and just feel the soft fluffy sheepskins or the beautiful soft mink against the naked body. I have upload some pictures, what do you think about "this fur piece"?

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