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I can't believe that 107 people have come to visit this post and look at it and NOT ONE has taken the time to say Thank You! Furs of unbelievable quality. Interesting video of the type so many here like.


Folks I am totally underwhelmed at your response after all that Brooke has done for you here...


Brooke your work is as always so great! So many little beautiful twists like the red fur and the black fox muff.


Thanks for all you do here!


White Fox

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One thing that I don't like about fetish/dominance videos is when the subs are degraded. I like to see women being told what to do, sometimes even their mistress is cross but I don't care for when they are put down, treated badly and demeaned.


I DO NOT see that in this video and that is one of the main reasons why I like it.


Nice work.


Yeah... As one who produces content for the website, I am often disappointed by the response I get... or lack, thereof.

That is one of the reasons why I don't post as much as I used to.


So, Brooke, I'm sorry you don't get the response you deserve. I know how you feel.

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It's not so much about receiving response, it's about confusion? Why people Google "Fur Fetish" cos they are interested! Then they just take cut and run, I tell you when it's all gone and finished these will be the guy's who are crying and saying "where is it" Why has it shut down? OMG where do I go from here to get my Fur fix?

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I don't know what it is about fur that makes people so afraid to talk about it. There are so many other fetishes that people talk about on a daily basis but, for some reason, fur seems to be a major taboo.


I know that these pages are getting hits but few people actually respond. It's not just here. I post a lot of my art and fur stories at on other websites and the response is similar.





These sites are larger than The Fur Den so they gather more page hits but the response is just the same: Very few comments.

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Hey brooke and all other fur lovers.


I agree with the content of all your posts on the subject!!!


I'm a member of ffg and actually I've more than 600 posts.


I'm didn't understand too the (no)reaction of the people.


Wonderful vids full of passion for fur!!!


Excellent quality vids!!!


Very attractive ladies with real love and passion for fur!!!


What do you want more???


Please keep up the great work Brooke!!!


(Maybe) the biggest fan from germany




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VERY NICE BROOKE!!!!!! I will admit that I am one of the people that come in and enjoy reading everyone's post and great work, and fail to show or share how good of a job you do with your work and participation here at the Den. I have no excuse, but I will try to be more appreciative of not just what you do, but also what everyone else that comes here does for the sake of this great website. I have found that in life, we tend to take people, things and the like, for granted! Please keep up the great work, and thanks also to the other people that come to this site for their contributions, and for the Mod's that work very unselfishly so we can come here and enjoy our time indulging in the wonderful world of fur!

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Thank you Fox, I have made very good furrier friends who do the Ultimate of crafting my Fox Fur's...

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As everyone else has said so far - Thank you. I am a very long time lurker, and I too used to post in these forums, and others to show my appreciation. I quit because of moderators that think they are policemen on the internet, and if you don't agree with them then you get banned, or whatever other nonsense they want to try to impose on you.


So thanks again.

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I just want to clarify one thing for you here. Here we almost NEVER ban people as we don't believe in it. Yes, it has taken place but you could count on your fingers of both hands the number of times it has happened with the exception of outright spammers.


I am NOT posting this as a comment on the way that staff of other sites operate though and please realize that! Other sites have their policies, and certain things have to be done to fit in with their type of programming. Here we do not need to use that tool due to the way our site is set up with no XXX, etc. Here we believe that every member types a comment for a certain reason. They put a lot of thought into each message. They take the time to type that message. So we have no business in banning them because they write it or post it. Each member who posts here does us a favor and every staff member here realizes that. However, on some sites they do not have as much freedom as we do to not ban, due to the type of their content.


***By the way, Thanks so much for your comments to Brooke here. As mentioned above She as well puts so much thought and work into these photographs and videos. The least people can do is to acknowledge her hard work. Brandy used to do the same and the same half dozen folks commented weekly. And others said almost nothing. Cruising by saying to themselves "Gee How I love that" and not even taking the few moments to tell her that they appreciated her work. And today she is gone because of that exactly.


If more people would do just that this could be such a fantastic place!



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