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Fur Outing Yesterday


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We had a very pleasant Fur Outing yesterday in Park City Ski Resort. Saw several types of furs on folks walking by. Mostly real Finnish Raccoon trims on hoods. Saw a Mink or two. And then a beautiful Chinchilla jacket of an Oriental lady. It was stunning!! A few folks were wearing fur trimmed hats also.


We went in the Alaskan Fur Gallery on Main Street. We were looking for a fur store locally that does fur cleaning (they do and right at the store. It only takes a couple of hours and you can have you fur right back. Fur blanket will take about 4 hours but they will hurry if you need it soon. )


This store must be what fur Heaven looks like. Don't look at the price tags or you'll go into "sticker shock" which is not surprising seeing as how this is still the ski season and you are in Park City which is an international ski destination. (By the way, our Winter Olympic venues are ready any time the IOC comes to its senses again and wants to bring the Winter Olympics back to the United States.)


But I digress. Next time that I go to the Alaskan Fur Gallery, I will ask Seirgio (the son of the owner) if I may snap some pics of his store and his furs. There are two racks of furs along one entire wall, on the other wall much the same. In the middle of the floor there are racks of more fur coats. You can hardly walk past a fur without being brushed by one. In other words, furs from floor to ceiling and all around. OF ALL TYPES. They have wild Timber Wolf coats and blankets. Coats and blankets made of several types of fox. Blankets made of mink, etc. Coats, jackets. Canadian Golden Sable. Russian Sable. Hats, headbands, trimmed gloves. Sheared furs. Even fur covered jock straps! " title="Applause" /> And Seirgio said that if you don't see what you want, they can make it for you.


I will try to get back up there soon and try to get some pictures. We have some coats that need cleaning anyway.


As always, my wife's Silver Fox parka received compliments, even from the fur store's people. It was a great outing.






The weather cooperated and we had some light snow flurries. Very picturesque.

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The images in my mind of your description is over the top Great Post! I love it well beyond a facebook like!

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