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Joe's coat vote yes

coyote 1

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For some reason I could not see where to click to vote.


I did notice this one comment in there though!


I’m a vegetarian and am usually on the activist side of these issues. But I honestly don’t see the difference between a fur coat and a leather jacket. Or leather belts, wallets, and sneakers, especially ones assembled by children in third world nations.


If we’re going to shame Joe for his coat, let’s all take a look in our own closets first.

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Just below the story you will see "Responses" in gray “PETA calls Joe Namath’s fur coat an “embarrassment” with a thumbs up or down. Click on the little thumb. You will not see the number go until you exit the site or do a refresh. Then it will record the vote.

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Those thumbs are for the individual comments, not the overall article.


I voted up for some of the "pro" comments and down for some of the "anti" comments but, if you look, you can see that most of the comments are either "pro" or "who cares?"


People who participate on that website are there to talk about football and other sports. They probably don't give a rat's ass about what Joe Namath wears.

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