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Super Bowl


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I didn't see the coin toss or kick-off. I was making guacamole. I checked my email at half time to find an email from a student. She wrote: "Dr. A, Joe Namath reminds me of you!" I thought it would be the other way around (i.e. I'm imitating Namath).


Later in the week, I saw another prof type while walking across campus. He says to me "Trying to be like Joe Namath?" Sure why not?


I wore my little fur jacket on the first day of school and walked into my class late on purpose. The students instantly go quiet and just gawk. Then I have their attention for the remainder of the period even though I take off the jacket. It's priceless!



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I'll pass on wearing fur on the Duc. I value my skin too much. Looking for a kangaroo skin jacket. Tougher than cowhide. Plus armor is built in to the shoulders elbows and forearms. A spine protector can be inserted as well. Want all of it. I like to walk too. The reality is, riding a motorcycle on the street IS dangerous. Gotta be vigilant. I'll save my fur for a car ride and a walk.

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I have a BMW Compaq riding jacket, made from very thick cow leather, like this one: http://www.leatherwardrobe.com/men39s-biker-bmw-compaq-leather-jack39.html

It's cheaper than a kangaroo leather gear.

I ride with a group of BMW riders, they ride all weather- hardy riders. I am a good weather rider, only ride after work in the suburbs and countryside. I somehow started riding in the cold dry weather, last group ride in Nov we did a 130 miles run in 36°F (2°C ), they had heated gears, I got my fur gear,a dyed red fox coat with over the knee white fox leggings over leather pants, plus a butterfly Suomy full face helmet. I wasn't cold at all. For only ride in the cold weather 3-4 times a year, a fur gear is enough. Next group ride will be in April, a charity run for food banks, it's always around the 40 °F (4°C ). Can't wait to ride!

Check this out: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/16/50-states-ranked-for-highest-motorcycle-ownership.aspx


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So I was speaking with another student last week. She asked me if I saw the super bowl (yes). She says: "THAT GUY reminded me of you during the coin toss." THAT GUY!!?? THAT GUY is Joe Namath! She had NO idea who Joe Namath is. Thus what he accomplished and his reputation. KIDS!!!


Though I will say my favorite was when I asked where the 1980 summer Olympic games were. "That was before we were born." was a response I got. They hadn't a clue of the significance nor the irony.


I'm out.

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