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Ayumi Hamasaki in sable and chinchilla in Paris 2014


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A lovely celebrity fur find late last night. Gorgeous Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki is on another tour of Paris at the moment. In previous trips she has been sighted wearing a range of mink and fox furs: this time she is wearing sable and chinchilla!


The chinchilla jacket looks delightfully fun and the golden sable coat is glorious - and may well be the same one she wore in her epic music video for her single "Bold and Delicious".


Usually when she visits paris at this time of year, she also pops over to London for a few days - if so I hope you London based fur fans spot her in town!


I've not found any nice big pics of her in the furs as yet, although surely some will be out this week, but here are a few video links of the golden sable and chinchilla.



Golden sable:













Mr Mockle

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