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Fur Identification - Fox


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While I am NOT an expert, I will take a stab at it:


#1 not sure, but possibly red fox with a lot of lighter belly fur used.

#2 probably dyed fox.

#3 another dyed fox.



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first link looks like a darkened gold isle fox..... pretty colored fur but yeah....


as to MIleys fur.... kinda looks like a cross between a tibetin lamb and fox variant.... white in color....

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The first one kind of looks Asian and the third one is definitely American but the second one could be anything. Maybe European?


Oh?! You mean the fur coats?

I thought you meant the foxes wearing the coats!


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Just rethinking on this one.


For the third. Have a look at her face. It is pink. She is under "theater lighting". So the coat is pink. But I think that it is really white in colour. Probably white fox but possibly another colour. Being lit by white light.


As for the first. there is one key here others have not thought of. This looks close to Coyote. And coyote OFTEN is done with the white tux look. The band of white fur from bottom to top on each side and around the hood. That fur is certainly close to Coyote as well as Golden. It is just that we cannot see enough of it to tell and we can't touch it in a photograph. But I would say that the band of white fox makes the chances VERY high here that this one is indeed a coyote with white fox trim!

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