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Breakfast with Furs at Piedad de Diego in Madrid


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Some truly stunning photos from a fantastic event in Madrid yesterday, as found through Twitter. Madrid furriers Piedad de Diego hosted a "Breakfast with Furs" event, inviting customers, bloggers and celebrities to a special morning in their store. The photos look like it was a wonderful morning for them all! Especially nice to see Carmen Lomana in the photos too.


Several smartphone snapshots appeared on Twitter and Instagram yesterday, but this blog post has some much better images.







Mr Mockle

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The only negative there is as almost always it seems that we see the fellow who probably owns the store in a couple of photos is not proud enough of his product to wear it! If he is not proud enough of his product to wear it then why would others buy from him?


However, the idea IS fantastic. Young people in furs. You can't beat that. And fantastic photos of it as well!

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