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A Happy furry New Year to everyone!


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Sorry it has been so long since I checked in. Without the fur shop, I just have so little to contribute. Guess my interests have changed a lot since I moved to DC. Plus, before I worked at home where I could log on so easily with my morning cup of coffee. Now I commute 2.5 hours a day, and spend little time on the computer at home. For obvious reasons, logging on to the site at work would not be appropriate.


But, I will always have a love of The Fur Den that will not waiver. It is an institution for me where I spent so much time a few years ago... and I have so many dear friends.


Worker, love the new look. Really looks nice!


Hope you are all dong well.





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Happy New Years to you too Linda. I hope that the polar vortex has been kind to you. I understand a second round of the polar vortex is on its way this week. I hope you have a chance to wear your furs this winter. Its too warm here in California. Happy New Year!!

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