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Real Gorilla Fur is worn to a fashion show in Paris

coyote 1

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Has anyone ever seen a gorilla fur coat? If anyone finds pictures of Diane Pernet wearing this coat please post them. TY

Here is the link to the story:




I never thought about using that type of fur for warmth or pleasure. I wonder if it feels like a buffalo fur or like the fur found on a steer after along cold winter????

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I don't want to post a link because there are certain nefarious groups who could trace the out-links back to this site and cause trouble for us.


However, if you Google "Anchorage Daily News" plus "Diane Pernet" and "gorilla" you can find a page pretty quickly.


If I can download a picture from that site, I will repost it here from the safety of our own private servers. Outsiders can't get into our gallery unless they join the site.


I can't do it from my iPad. Mobile devices can't search the Internet as anonymously as I can with my home computer. I've got my home computer tricked up to make it harder to trace... Not impossible... Just not as easy.


I'll let you know what I come up with after I get home. (Later... Working late today and tomorrow.)

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