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german Furfans by furfashionguide


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Hi german Furfans. plaese look at the yahoo-group Pelz_die_weiche_Leidenschaft.

the truble with the server by furfashion ,will be have not an end, I hope, it will be. I am love the furfashionguid and I have a very great respect for the Work of the Mod's Thank you for the work there

sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me


Noch mal in Deutsch. Liebe Moderatoren von Furfashionguide! Respekt und Dank für die Arbeit, Es ist ein Trauerspiel mit dem Server. Ich hoffe, es sind keine .... Gegner die da fast terroristisch wirken. Aber das wäre der Preis der Freiheit. Hoffentlich bekommt das jemand in den Griff. Dann wird oben erwähnte yahoo-group nicht benötigt.


have a lot of kuddly moments


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Tombaer... Don't worry about your English. I just wish that I could write in Deusch as well as you can write in English. I have so much respect for those who can speak more than one language!


I am sure that the "Guide" will be back very soon if it is not already. They have these problems from time to time but they always work on them as fast as they can to get their servers back up and running.


They will I am sure be back soon



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