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have any of you guys bought any mens faux fur hats from them??? im asking bc thier saying they dont have my head size of 7 and 3/4s to 8 and 7/8's and

thier not mentioning any thing about a universal size at all for thier hats.... Im wanting the faux sable they have.

If I may post the link here




I just dont understand why im not getting better customer service support from them...

I cant help it that im a big guy.. 5foot 6 about 250 and my strawhat hat size is 7 and 3/4's.............

Sorry guys, I just dont get it...... whats goig on here?? is it me and my size or is it possibly them as FabulousFurs??

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I have never purchased a hat from Fabulous Furs. Why not measure the circumference of you head. Then ask the question of their Customer service if a head of XXX circumference will fit said hat. Most fur hats i have seen are measured in circumference not typical hat size. (diameter i think). I have several real fur hats. A hat that fits all head sizes is good for most adult people as the head size is all about the same. Some of the real fur hats had a string to shrink the hat to fit, I never had to pull that string in. I am also big maybe even bigger then you at 6' foot high and 300 lbs,



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I got my black mink ushanka from Arctic Furs - sizing was not an issue and its great....

It was slow to get here but that is a postal issue from Russia to the Southern Hemisphere....



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