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Fetish Mistress

Fetish Mistress

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I have just been looking at the kind comments (thank you) of kuschelbaer..........punisherthunder about the Fetish Mistress site, OK here goes I have done some maths for you..........

$34.95 per month (Dollars) none recurring = £21.23 (GB Pounds) divided buy the amount of down loadable films already up there works out at....

81p (that's 81 GB pence) per film, for something that you really want! most film's are around 20min in length! All Designer Top Class Fur's, no second hand eBay Fur's at all! Lesbian and a bit of Domination thrown in for good measure! 81 GB pence per film!!! Excellent value in my books!!!


Fetish Mistress

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No problem because that's only the truth!!!Really every Cent worth!!! " title="Applause" />


27 vids full of very hot fur scenes and the best is that I think she is really in love with fur


Chelsea was for a very long time my absolutly furgoddess!!!


I've every Video from her with fur inside and some custom vids.


My ultimate oponion is that she is on a very good way to be my personally new furgoddess!!!


Please keep up the good work and by the way I'm very interested to know when the next video update will be online???


Best regards



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