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Pamela Anderson Slammed by TV

White Fox

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As you know there are a lot of ways that US and Canada are very alike. And many ways that we differ greatly.


One of the ways that we differ is in the ways that Politicians can be interviewed. And movie stars fall into that same area. For instance a politician like even our Prime Minister can be stopped on the spot and asked totally embarrassing questions about their policies and thoughts on things. And the answer is on television the next week! There is NO advance notice. This is NOT scripted. And these questions are not toned down. This is the REAL THING! As mentioned, even movie stars and other folks can receive the same treatment. And often they do as you see here.


I think that you will love this one. Although this one got almost personal in a way. Generally there is a bit more comedy in the end result. I think you might just enjoy how this one is different. Pamela Anderson was giving sealers a total of $165 each to stop their jobs and quit sealing. So here you will see her offered first one million dollars, and then just $165 to quit her job of acting. And see the results. She really was made a fool of here.


I think that you will love it!



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