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Fetish Mistress... Mine

Fetish Mistress

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New picture in gallery... It reads like this, (Of course I'm going to pleasure myself with her in Fur's, well wouldn't you ???)


Still cannot att. images to posts!


Fetish Mistres


[image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/11063/normal_Mine.jpg[/image] [image]http://thefurden.com/cpgfd/albums/userpics/11063/normal_smoking_fetish.jpg[/image]


(Edit: Add pictures - Worker 11811)

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I am and I was member of all furfetish paysites.........but this is really the hottest on the internet right now.


You know exactly how to use the furs.Favourites for me are the riding and masturbations scenes+dirty talk.I love the combination of furs and black stockings,Feet playing with stockings feets would be so hot.


You are so beautiful!!!


Can't wait to download and see new vids


Any video updates in 2013 ?


Best wishes



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