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Customer Fur Appreciation Party: Great idea!


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Although it's passed now, I just wanted to tell you about an event Elegant Furs of San Antonio held:




"If you're looking for a fun night out with the opportunity to mingle with other fur lovers like yourself, please join us!


We're looking to start a new tradition this year by hosting our first fur social in our factory and showroom. Master Furrier Gerardo Zavala will be on hand to personally give tours of his workspace, giving you an exclusive view behind the scenes.


If you're looking to do some holiday shopping, we have unique FUR gifts starting at $10. We'll also be offering discounts for the occasion on our inventory.


There is no cost for this event and it's a great way to see some of our new designs, see what we do in the factory, and meet other fur enthusiasts from your local community."


I wish more furriers held such events! It would be fun!

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