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Ebay safe for buying from?


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Is Ebay pretty safe for buying furs and faux furs from??? is thier security pretty good as far as keeping bank numbers safe or prepaid card numbers safe???

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Pretty good....as always be picky and choosy about what you buy. The cheapest is not always the best, but I have had some great bargains (and a few poor ones)



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Remember that in "Real life" a rating of 95% by customers would be fantastic. But on Ebay it is not that great. You need a rating really close to 100%. You will seldom see 100%. But you want that as high as possible. Up around 99% probably.

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I would say that buying fur from Ebay is no more or less risky than buying anything else.


I buy a lot of vintage camera gear off Ebay and haven't been burned yet.

I've gotten a couple of things that didn't appear as pristine as they appeared on the site but nothing that would be considered fraud.


Shop around. Do your homework. Check up on the seller's other auctions. Research the seller's history.

Most of all, decide if the item advertised is what you want at the price you want to pay.

Don't let a bidding frenzy get you so excited that you pay more than you wanted to.


Just keep your head and you should do all right.

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