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I dont know if this should be here or on web pics...please move it if necessary.


Wondered if anyone has seen the fab new fall/winter fashion shots with furs on this site. I have been searching for some of the models in fur smoking....have posted them in off topic on the smoking thread.I am going to bed now but it may be some fun for someone to search "fur" or "fall/winter" or specific collections you know have fur. There are LOADS



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This one has come up before and I've nearly joined.


I may still and thanks for bringing it up again.


Not fur as such but fur does sometimes come up and maybe it should be linked?



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Yes thats a good idea OFF. Lots of pro fur argument on different threads and some lovely shots....often fur not mentioned but lots of shots just posted by models or collection.


Problem is the search on fur doesnt come up with much fur....its better just looking through.


Viktor and Rolf have a sexy new fox coat....but I cant remember what thread it was on!


Then I found a whole page of fur...can't find it now...it was under one of the models but can't remember which!

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