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I was in the City yesterday with the family in the Radio City Music Hall area and it was blustery and cold. Perfect fur weather. There was a fairly good variety of furs, mostly mink but a few foxes a raccoon and even one lynx. I had the good fortune to have forgotten my gloves in the car and was able to "brush" a few furs as I was walking an standing in lines. My wife complains that my hands are always warm I just smile and tell her she is just jealous.


I did have one very close and exciting experience that I wanted to share. As my son and I were walking along ahead of the rest of the family we came upon a young woman walking in front of us at a slower pace. She was wearing a fantastic fox stroller. I had spotted the coat earlier and took immediate notice. We gained quickly on this young lady and as we were just behind her she abruptly stopped. I immediately sidestepped around her to avoid knocking her to the ground but in the process had to brace myself from knocking my six year old over by reaching out and plunging my hand deep into the fur at the small of her back. The fur was deep, soft and cold. My hand lingered a few seconds longer than really necessary but oh man was it glorious.


As I rebalanced myself and made sure my son was ok I turned and apologized to the young woman who turned out to be quite beautiful. She was more than gracious as she smiled and winked at me and reassured my son that it was ok with a pat on his head. She obviously felt the prolonged groping of her coat by my over zealous hand.


She continued on her way into one of the stores, the reason why she stooped so suddenly. The rest of the family caught up to us and my wife asked what had happened. My son immediately blurted out "Daddy ran over a pretty lady in a fur coat."


My wife shot me a look and asked "Was it good for you.". I replied honestly with a big grin and a hearty "YES DEAR".


I love a cold NYC.



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Super story!


We were in New York exactly a year ago just now and there was a fair number of furs on display including a very stylish circa 40 year old lady wearing the most gorgeous Russian sable stroller! She stood next to my wife and I at the crossing by the Rockefeller centre and I was able to brush her swing coat. Gosh, if was gorgeous!!!


Mrs. Wife tried on some sable coats in the big department stores but, alas, were way out our price range. We're going again at the end of a February so, hopefully, it'll be really cold.

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Furdiver, dongleboy and all,


Lovely to hear others are enjoying their fur sightings too. Hopefully Ms Mockle and I will make it to New York one winter before too long (maybe even next winter) and I know she'll want to bring and wear her thickest furs for that trip.



Mr Mockle

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