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Furs in a Large Truck


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hey guys.......


has any one heard of having fur blankets in a cabin of a large truck in the sleeper cabin ???

I wouldnt mind finding a twin or queen size fur throw for my future truck cabin along with some

regular pillows and fur pillows.......

I thought this might be a good idea for winter and stayin warm in the cabin......


any ideas, thoughts recomended and appricaited....




Furs is where the heart is......

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The one problem that you would need to consider is "air flow". i.e. heaters in cars and trucks today are very powerful. If a corner of your blanket was to get down on the floor for instance right in one of those powerful jets of hot air, it would only take a very few occasions of that happening until your dream blanket would be no more.


A fantastic idea. Just one thing to think about in my way of thinking anyhow.

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would a cheap inexpensive faux fur throw/blanket be a better choice for me?? for being in a truck?

Yes for your purpose a faux fur should be much more durable.

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Personally I would go for sheepskin which is much more forgiving in less than ideal conditions and if you get the right texture and thickness such as this sort of thing http://www.lammfelle.de/Sanofell/Bettauflagen-Sanofelle/Bettauflage-COMFORT-natur-70-x-140-cm.html? is beautifully soft and comfortable. The wool is very dense, quite silky and over an inch thick. They also do a fluffier (unshorn) version which doesn't seem to appear on the website. Either offers a wonderfully luxurious night...

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While the sheepskin option would be a nice choice and be more durable than most other furs (mink, fox, coyote, beaver, etc), it would still be subject to the potential rapid aging due to excess heat that White Fox mentioned.


The question really boils down to the size and placement of the throw/blanket and if it can avoid potential issues that could lead to an early demise.

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