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  • 2 weeks later...

I am intrigued but not convinced that they (she) are genuine "fur people" and not just poseurs who are in it for the buck.


Website's whois entry is obscured by identity protection. Not even a real contact.

It's a WordPress site. Basically a template. Not professionally designed.

Thumbnails on the site don't link to very much preview content. The user gets directed directly to a signup page where he has to pay to go any farther.


I am not putting down. I am being cautiously skeptical.


Compare to Mr. Mockle's site.

Both are pay sites. When you go to theloveoffur.com you can tell that the people there are genuine and that, when you join, you get what you paid for.


What I'd like to see is the people from that site come around for a while and talk to people here at the Den.

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Ok I don't post often on these sites, but if you check my stats you will see I have been a sponsor and long standing visitor to the fur den. I don't know 'Brooke' and present unbiased review.


I took a risk and signed up for one month.




The videos are full screen quality and last in the region of 15 - 20 minutes each and the furs are magnificent. The model really understands the fur fetish condition and I am convinced she is 'all in' with it. She actually talks (filthy) to her furs as if they are sexual partners. Because of this mutual understanding I found the viewing experience to be exciting and indulgent. Talking strictly from the fur fetish stand point I would say it is the best material since Lana Cox. From a porn content sort of view I would say there is spare room, but hey how much do you need?




There is some duplication of content so not as much as first appears. On my second visit the videos were downloadable but not the first time. The videos are not dated and also duplicate across the pages so it is hard to search for new material. I have not yet found an update, but it has been only 2 weeks. So far one fabulous model only.


This is a fledgling site and probably running on a trial basis.


Good luck to the websites owner. Should keep Mr Mockle on his toes! (love Mr Mockle)

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I was thinking of joining this site too. Is it still looking to be a legit site? Any updates? I sent an email to her and she replied that some girl/girl in furs would be coming soon.

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No update yet. I am doing 1 month non-recurring. So I would expect to see the content develop before I subscribed again.


What do you mean by 'legit'? I had no problem joining and the content is good.

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Alphonso. I really like your description. Everyone wants these sites to continue but they don't want to contribute to them. You are EXACTLY right. IF we contribute to a site like her's. Then we get material back. If we don't. Then the site will go down. It is that simple!


That is not to say that everyone here needs to rush there to contribute. There are people here who would not necessarily think that a site like that is their "Thing". Some like a site like ours here better. Some like a site like some of the other similar sites on the web better. No site will EVER satisfy everyone.


BUT. I think that everyone should think about Alphonso's post here very hard. Think of what your type of site is. And think of contributing to it. That contribution might be in donations. In posts. In pictures collected. In links. There are all kinds of ways to contribute. But someone built your favorite site for YOU to enjoy. And if you don't support them, it will not be there.



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I took a risk and signed up for one month....


... This is a fledgling site and probably running on a trial basis.


Good luck to the websites owner.


Good to hear.

That relieves a lot of my skepticism.


Thanks for your review.

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worker 11811 relax no one here trying to con you, yes it is new site and as the song goes'... It's only just begun, see updates!


Fetish Mistress

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