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Managing PMs

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My Inbox for PMs was full so I deleted several so I can accept a New PM that is holding. I don't know how to release the hold on the new PM. I thought just deleting old messages would be enough. Please let me know what to do when you can. Thank you.

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Glad you figured it out


The maximum allowed number of PMs in any folder is 50. You can create up to 4 additional folders to hold messages you need to keep. In your User Control Panel, under the Private Messages tab, in the Rules, folders & Settings section you will find the If folder is full options. There you can either have the oldest message(s) deleted or moved to another folder to allow room for new messages. The default is to hold new messages until enough room is available in your Inbox folder.

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Yes, if you have more than 50 messages in your inbox, you'll have to move or delete some to make room. Then you can click the link to "release" the on-hold messages to your inbox.


One other thing you can do to make it easier to manage PMs is to reply to existing message threads instead of starting new ones every time. I helps you remember what you talked about because you can look back through the chain of messages.


It works in a similar way to the main forums work where one message appears under the next in chronological order.


Starting a new message topic for each communication can make it more difficult to keep track of things.

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