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Everyone please read this one.

White Fox

What name would you wish for the PETA file in Favorites  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. What name would you wish for the PETA file in Favorites

    • PETA... People Eating Tasty Animals
    • PETA... Poorly Educated Teen Activists
    • PETA... Puerile Efforts , Tiresome Activities?
    • PETA... Publicly Engineered to Annoy
    • The P.E.T.A Files

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Folks, we asked you for names for the new Peta forum in the Favorites Area. Well, here are the suggestions. We asked that no mods present any so this is your chance to vote on names that members presented. So here we go!

(One thing. There are some great names here so we might use more than one and rotate!) Please vote for one though.


No Mods Please. This one is for members only!


Feel free to reply with reasons if you wish. Also, mods can reply but not vote.


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"PETA... Puerile Efforts , Tiresome Activities?"


I think this one is meant to be without the question mark.


Edit by White... Sorry, you are right... I've learned to not edit with voting in progress though so won't attempt it with that. Typed too late at night.

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