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fblginc pics archived anywhere


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Isn't FBLG, Inc. a marketing agency for other furriers? I don't think they produce a product by themselves. I think their mission is to help others sell their product, not to make their own. (Unless you consider that their product is "sales and mareting.")


I could be wrong, I frequently am, but I don't know if FBLG maintains a central archive of images for their clients' products.


However, with a little more information and the application of a little Google-Fu, I'm sure somebody can find something.

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Back in early 00's, they had a website where they were showcasing their work to the potential furriers. At that time, I downloaded close to 1000 high resolution (around 1200x2700 pixels) from their site. Sadly, the photos were all watermarked, but still very nice, sharp catalog photos. Over the years they might have commissioned other photoshoots, but I have not followed up.

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