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Hi From New Member


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Hi. I hope this is the right place to post this. I recently discovered Worker11811's amazing stories and art which eventually led me here. I am new to all this and look forward to exploring the site.

Best Regards

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It is always fantastic to hear from another new member here. We truly hope that you will enjoy your time here for a long while to come!


Yes, Worker puts a whole lot of effort into his work and it shows. Many people enjoy it. ANd it is always great to hear from people who are doing just that!


We hope to hear many posts from you in the future. We need new ideas from new members. Just like you!


Hope you have fun here


White Fox

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WELCOME rotwang


We hope you enjoy your visits here and please explore our Library and Gallery (links in the page header). If you have any ideas for improving the site and getting more people to participate, please let us know.

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