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It is a good thing I do most of my posting in the morning. Two glasses of wine and my sense of humor is just way off base!


Plus, you would never be able to read it!


Earendil, just loved this video. Especially the penguins and the cats! Too, funny!



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He is fine.


I think he was just a little embarrassed he had one too many beers last night.


At least he is happy when he has one too many.


Gosh, can't imagine any of the rest of us doing that; can you TOS?



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Didn't you do something awhile back that was similar. Seems like you went to the bar and came on home a posted a very hard to read post?



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So you might think no one could top that numanuma thing?


Look here http://lustich.de/lustich/videodb-videos-75-56.html



Or do you scream for more of such?

....but on YOUR own responsibility


http://lustich.de/lustich/videodb-videos-74-63.html 8)



Am I seeing first white flags?


Remember: Even simple office workers are endangered







And finally ToS do you remember that hamster story?


Here some completely new usage for that critters


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