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Any guys wear fox fur boas??


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Hey guys..

Is there here that owns and wears fox fur boas weather

It be outside or in ur home?? I was curious as to how a fox

Fur boa would look over a fur coat or a winter jacket/sweater??

Seems like a sexy accesory for a guy to have n wear..

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I have a few, and i have enjoyed them in the house. I have not worn any out. I like them, because they would create constrasting fur textures and colors when added to another fur coat. My photos show them.



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I used to have one when I lived in the UK, was about 8ft long of blue fox tails. I wore it out once or twice on winter walks, with the ends tucked in my down jacket. It got used more at home though GF loved being loosely tied up with it.

When I moved to Australia, I gave it to Brandy, as I thought I would have no need for furs here. Was wrong, I now have 4 fur coats!

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I thought it would be nice to have with my faux fur mahogony jacket I have. thats all.. Big fluffy fox boa... why not hehehe

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I purchased a 3m boa from Paustin furs about 4years ago. I wanted this length so that I HAD to double it up to wear it.

They said that this was the longest boa that they had made. It was resonably inexpensive if I remember (about eu190).

Used it indoors, but only wore it outside. I had other (some what better) 'scarves' to wear.

I do also have a short boa (about 1m) that I occasionally wear with my MINK jacket. I predict that this combination will be used in the near future, as I goto my local shop for my daily newspaper.


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