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Hey guys... Has any one seen much of any Nutria furs??

I hear its a nice fur but not quite the quality of mink.

I know there are alot of nutria in southern louisiana being humanely

Euthenized bc of over population of them... Ive see one video of afull lenght nutria coat but thats it

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Although the nutria is a distinct species, I would describe them as something like a cross between a muskrat and a beaver, both as a description of the animal and as a description of the fur.


I haven't had a lot of experience with the fur but I have seen it and touched it at a furrier's store. I bought a beaver coat for my ex-wife and I liked it a lot. The long, guard hairs had a silky feel while the down fur had a deep, almost spongy quality. Your fingers could really get lost in it.


Muskrat is a somewhat stringy or course fur that doesn't have thee deep, spongy down fur. Nutria, in my opinion lies somewhere between the two.


Beaver are a cold weather, aquatic animal that needs thick fur for warmth and protection from freezing water. Nutria are aquatic but they don't live in cold climates like the beaver so their fur doesn't need to be as thick.


My preference is for beaver but nutria would make a good substitute. Since nutria are an introduced species which are considered an environmental pest, there is good reason to take them for their fur.


I suggest you try some nutria and see how you like it. It's nice but I still like beaver better.

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Nutria fur sounds like its soft and warm..

I would think that kind of fur would make for a

Nice mens stroller or full lenght coat or heck...

Even for the ladies as well... I cant remember the

Video link on youtube but i will try to find it and

Post it here... im sure its gotta be a soft fur and warm

As well..... Id have to check around with some of the

Southern usa furriers to see if there are any nutria fur

Coats floatin around... i think as for a mens coat as

Long as it has some furriers eye hook n closing pin

Thingys along with a double breasted style close to

The natural brown color n double breasted style.

That would be nice...

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It's a very nice, soft and durable short fur from a real grade A pest.


Probably hundreds of millions in this country alone. They have made it all the way up here in the upper left hand corner. They are all over North America now.


So it is our patriotic duty to catch and stretch their little hides so we can get them from our streams and rivers.



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