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Furs at NFL matches?


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A question for the American members... Do you ever see furs at NFL matches? Any tips on the best places to go? I've caught the NFL bug and would to go watch a live game.

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I distinctly recall an announcer wearing a gorgeous full length golden sable or similar color mink on a Monday night football game. It was Lisa Guerrero. However she was on the field with her camera crew and so forth. Interestingly, that was the last time I saw "Lisa G" on MNF.


So, to wear a fur at a football game (match). Firstly, I might think that American football fans are not quite as sophisticated as British soccer fans (though I've seen video of some raucous British football (soccer) fans). Thus, you wouldn't want to wear a fur that you particularly value as the seats in the stadium are not the cleanest, and football fans do drink beer and get raucous and so forth. You don't want to have beer spilled on a perfectly good mink or fox (or whatever). Now I've gone to games and folks are pretty well behaved. It could depend on the section you are sitting in. The 50 yard line would tend to have the "more refined" folks while the end zone would have "less refined folks (e.g. look at an Oakland Raiders game, the end zone fans are called the "black hole"). That being said, a ticket on the 50 yard line will cost a lot depending on the team.


So now for WEARABLE fur games. I'd say the top would be the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay is in Wisconsin, and I think by about December or January it is in the teens or perhaps single digit temperatures (Fahrenheit). But Green Bay is kind of in the middle of nowhere. That being said, I'd LOVE to go to a game there! The next coldest place I'd guess might be Soldier Field in Chicago. Chicago of course is a BIG city and you could engage in many other activities such as museums and restaurants and so forth. Plus you get to see the Chicago Bears in one of the most iconic stadiums in the U.S., Soldier Field (above). Seeing a Bears game is on my "to do" list. After that I'd have to go with a New York Giants or Jets game. NY is cold in the winter, but right now both teams are not doing well. In the "olden days" I would have suggested Minnesota or Detroit as options, but the teams there play in domed stadiums. I suppose you could go to Cleveland to see the Browns, Cincinnati to see the Bengals. Ohio is cold in the winter and both teams play outside (frankly I think ALL the teams should play outside, even Minnesota where it is often BELOW zero...PERFECT fur coat weather!).


I hope you get to see a game. It is a blast!


All the best!




Lastly, I believe there is an upcoming NFL game in London (Wembley Stadium?). I am not sure when, but I know for the past couple of years the NFL has decided to hold games in London. If it is cold enough in London at the time of the game, that would be fun.

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In the colder cities you are quite likely to see some furs worn by fans at NFL games yes, although this may depend on which city. Even watching the games on TV you can sometimes see a few in the crowd, and if you like trims on collars and hoods, some of the female sideline reporters might have some fox or tanuki trims on during the colder games. This season's Superbowl is to be held in New York (or New Jersey - not sure exactly where the new stadium is) and will be the first cold outdoor Superbowl for a long time if not ever so there are bound to be a few furs there.


But you might also see a few furs at UK sporting events in the winter too. Best places are horse race meets as other members here have attested too so you might want to check your local race track for race dates and pop along. Even if you don't gamble, might be a nice afternoon out anyway. I've seen a few furs in and around the grounds of bigger London Premiership football clubs although not many - and not as good an environment to admire the furs either as the race meets. Might see a few at larger Rubgy games as well, maybe even the February to April 6 Nations matches - and might not even have to leave home to see some of those furs if Gabby logan is presenting them again this winter.


Enjoy this winter's fur sights!



Mr Mockle

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