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Any Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Shrewsbury fur fans?


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Hello guys,


I'm heading back to the UK for a few days in two weeks time (mid October) spending a couple of days in the Nottingham/Derby area and then a couple around Birmingham/Shrewsbury.


If any of you are in those areas do drop me a line. I'd like to find out a little about the area before I visit, and maybe we'd get the chance to meet up somewhere socially too.


Best wishes,

Mr Mockle

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Unfortunatly I won't be there, since I moved to Australia some 5 years ago, but I did used to live near the Notts area. Chesterfield has a wonderful crooked church spire that is worth a visit. We found Derby to be pretty un worthy of a visit on our last trip there, but the countryside of Derbyshire is a must see. Get out to Castleton and Hathersage areas, enjoy a walk around the Castleton horseshoe, followed by a late lunch or tea next to the roaring fire in the Castle Hotel, when I was there last they had 5 open fires going, very cosy. For a shorter stroll, drive up towards Stanage edge, and walk along the tops, or along the bottom if its wet and windy. Look out for all the old mill stones that were cut from the rock but discarded for unknown reasons. And in October, it will no doubt be more than cold enough to wear a few furs out and about, as long as it stays dry.


Enjoy your trip Mr M, I will be back for Christmas this year with family in Bristol, via a week in Czech Republic and followed by 5 days in Paris. Looking forward to doing a bit of fur spotting on our hols too.



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What's it about us Auzzie's having Notts / Derby ties!!


I returned back to Auz from living just east of Notts in a small very historic town of Southwell.


Lots of history in 1 small town, even King Charles I (i think, not II) stayed his last free night in the local pub before surrendering to the Scott's at the local bridge and being double crossed.


Lots of things like Robin Hood bits to see, the UK's claimed oldest pubs in Nott's, (I like the Trip to Jerusalem myself at the base of the castle), but you can't beat the Peak District.



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fur999 and all,


Well it was a great trip if a fairly wet and windy one and although I didn't get to meet anyone, as it turned out I didn't really have the time or energy to do so. I did see my first fur of the winter - albeit a rather unspectacular one in the form of a grey knitted rabbit shawl on an older brunette woman walking through Shrewsbury station - but no more outside the shoots. Two great shoot days too and a great pair of new models as well: one of whom rushed straight home after the shoot to look through eBay for furs to buy for herself! Looks like I have found another convert to our cause.



Mr Mockle

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