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I have seen very similar statements elsewhere (although I can't remember where). There seems to be a lot of truth in that; and it helps explain why fur wearers are targeted while users of other "animal products" are not - fur wearers are much less likely to get violent.

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Fur999 and AK Coyote:


Your comments ring true with me and/or my profession. I have done animal research in the past. Any scientist will tell you that having to euthanize rats (as much as I've ever done) or any animal is NOT PLEASANT! That being said, PETA types will portray scientists as "evil-doers". There are many documented cases of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and or PETA types infiltrating animal quarters facilities and "liberating" all the rats or what have you. In one case ALF "liberated" several hundred rats. The "liberators" put all the rats into several of those blanket storage containers that slide under a bed. They drilled small holes for air. But it was clearly insufficient for supplying air for ALL the rats. Everyone who saw the pictures, when one of the primary investigators (PI) relayed the entire experience at a professional conference, realized that the "liberators" knew nothing about the air requirement of animals. We guessed that they had a bunch of dead rats when they arrived to "liberate" the rats.


This all happened at University of Iowa. I spoke with one of the grad students at his poster (used for presenting his research). He said the funny (not funny "ha ha") thing about the whole incident is that their facility MIGHT euthanize 50 rats in a year. In other words, not very many. But about 8 miles away from the university is a slaughter house where literally hundreds, if not thousands, of pigs are slaughtered DAILY! Why did ALF target a research facility? Because overall, scientists are a relatively meek and mild-mannered group of people. How much success do you think the ALF people would have if they tried to "liberate" the pigs from the slaughter house? That I can only fantasize about...

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