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Fur-lined fur


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While the above linked items look great and are reasonably priced there is something that one may want to consider before purchasing such an item.


I think most of us fur lovers will agree that double-sided or fur-lined fur items are something we all find desirable, but there can be a down side to such items. Fur that regularly contacts bare skin will become soiled and matted much sooner than fur that does not contact the skin. Thus more frequent cleaning and glazing may be required to maintain that furry texture that we like. Caveat Emptor.

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Grouchomg, care to share?

Is it fur inside and out, or just a lined coat?

What sort of fur? short or long lining fur?

Is it too hot to wear on anything other than a mid winter day, or is it fairly comfortable in milder temps?

And how long did it take from un wrapping it and getting it home, to trying it on your bare skin, nothing else on except a big smile ?

Any pictures?


Just curious

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Sorry, but what is the ETC gallery?

That would be the "Et Cetera" album in the "Miscellaneous" section of our Gallery.

Swedfur's images are currently on page 4 of that album - but may drift to page 5 if more images are moved to the Et Cetera album.

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