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furfashionguide.com down?


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Minkme, Tombaer, and all,


Websites are always going to experience a few technical problems but most are recoverable fairly easily, even if that recovery process takes a few hours or even days to do. I'm sure that their moderators and admin team are working on it now. Indeed it might even be up by the time you read this post.


In the meantime, why not explore the great fur content here though? Lots of wonderful discussions and some good links in the posts and fabulous pics in the library too.


Alternatively, surf or Google around for other great fur fashion or fur fetish sites. You never know what other delights you might discover which you never knew existed!


Happy hunting!



Mr Mockle

Founder of Mr Mockle's Models in Furs


P.S. Will guys please stop asking me directly why that forum is down? I have no connection with it so have no idea either.

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FFG does go down from time to time. Usually only lasts for a short time. Probably nothing to worry about.


In the mean time, The Fur Den is still open for business.


Pull up a chair.

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There are hundreds of reasons why any given website might be unresponsive or unreachable. Only the really big guys, such as Google or Yahoo, have the resources to provide the redundancy necessary to avoid most single points of failure.


The most common reason why a smaller site might be down is so the admins can maintain or upgrade the software of the site. Usually if one is patient and tries again in a few hours, the site will be back.


Generally, inquiring on other similar forums is useless as the admins of one site have no relationship with the admins of another website.

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