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charity fashion show

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The Raceday fashion show was a great success, and there was not one anti fur comment.


Blackfox worked extremely hard in getting the models ready between walks in their changing room all day poor blighter A hard job but someone had to do it


The models all looked fabulous in sheared furs with huge fox collars and cuffs and some amazing fox furs and a dyed red fox which looked great with V drinks, one of the sponsors, transylvanian red vodka....so much so she did the presentations for one of the races.


Another highlight was one of the models mounting a rocking horse in furs to the music of marilyn Mansons personal jesus.


Then another was the dramatic entry of the furs/models with native american warbonnets to buffy st marie's starwalker (very apt since some of the furs were native produced).


Then afterwards two of the models went for dinner with us after a drink. One made a spectacular entrance into our local restaurant with the silver fox in my avatar. Earlier there was a scene where blackfox and I were devastated we didnt have our cameras where the two models were cooched up with the silver fox around them stroking it. One of the models is just sixteen, so there is hope for the younger generation yet.


Altogether the day raised $50 000 for spine injured people.


The pics of Miss T and Lana Cox and Theresa coleman liprinted and signed framed with a sketch made $1000....they would have made more but people thought they were bidding on them one at a time (DAMN !). But still good. So thanks to everyone here who contributed and helped.Appreciated. Thanks Miss T, Mr Mockle and his models,and Blackfox. No doubt he will contribute his thoughts on the fab day too!!!!

He took a fab shot of Mick fitzgerald with the four models.

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Yes Eric its a great leveller.


At one of the events last year it was great to see Hells Angels at a Polo match trampling the sods in and chatting to the Master of Hounds.


Horse riders and motorcyclists are particularly at risk and so they both support the Charity whole heartedly...and its a thoroughly nice mix of people with repect for one another which may surprise some people.

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As a member of the spinal cord injured, I can tell you 50 grand helps the whole circle. Its quite good to see more things like this happening these days in fund raising.

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Yes...I am really pleased with the response. We sahll do it evry year and hopefully it will get better and better.


Many of my friends are in wheelchairs following race riding and motorcycle accidents.

Is there an equivalent charity in the US eric and do you get plenty of support from them?

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We have an event here in Houston called "Fur & Fur" where everyone wears a fur or fur trimed clothing (real and faux) and last year the procedds went to 3 charities,

1) spinal cord hospital/research center

2) cancer treatment center

& 3)a heart disease center.


The society pages posted a few pics of the events and a lot was raised for each hospital.

Lots of really nice dressed people in various furs and clothes.

Ive been to one but the others I missed out due to time or illness.

But its quite a night.

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sounds great.

I think if you have a charity event its a chance for people to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty and at the same time do something good.

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Glad the day went well! I was happy to contribute the little bit that I did, and will gladly do so again. Hey... how do I get to be one of those fur models doing a runway show!? 8)


I do agree with Linda... Teasing us with details and no images but those in our minds is naughty!

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Glad to see that the show and auction were successful; hopefully Ms Mockle and I can make it to the next one given a few weeks notice - ideally a winter one.



Mr Mockle

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Its always cold at our local racecourse

Mr Mockle!!!


We have been tentatively asked by the racecourse to put on a fashion show for the public at a race meeting. If we get Lana and Tracey to model as part of the assignment we have planned then we can get some financial contribution from them. What do you think?


Maybe one of the evening meetings...I don't know which one they have planned but they probably mean one of the summer ones.

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