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Access to Stories and Private Forums.

Worker 11811

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Dear members;


I am reminded that some of our members might be having trouble accessing some parts of the Fur Den website or content therein.


We have a private forum and a special section of our Fur Den wiki that only certain members have access to. This is done by a system of permissions which allows members to access different content. These permissions are granted manually by one of our three site administrators. (White Fox, AKCoyote or me, Worker 11811.)


Members in good standing who are over the age of 18 and who want access to private content can ask one of us for access.


We are in a somewhat sticky situation where we have to balance the need for our members' privacy with their ability to access this website's content. Our permissions system is the best way we have to strike that balance.


I'm sorry of it is inconvenient at times but I hope you understand.


If you or somebody you know is a member of this website in good standing, is over the age of 18 and who wants access to our private content please send us an e-mail or a PM. We will do our best to help.

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Always happy to oblige!


Just keep in mind that my time here at the Den is limited. If I don't get to you quickly, I probably have not been online. Thanks!



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Sorry, but I am not aware of any such android app that can save a webpage as a word file. However, the browser you are using *should* be able to save the webpage as a text or html file and possibly a pdf. Firefox for android says it can, but I have not fully tested that functionality.

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