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Fur Story: The Labyrinth of Pilosus

Worker 11811

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Here's another fur story!


"The Labyrinth of Pilosus."


Mary stumbles upon a strange cavern of fur and feels compelled to investigate.




You might have to type your Fur Den user name and password to get into the stories area.

Sorry but we have to do this to keep out Big Brother. Fur Den Members only.

I'm sure you understand.

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Something I often forget is to tell people that access to the stories section requires access to the Fur Freaks forum.


Permission is granted manually by one of our three site administrators. (White Fox, AKCoyote or me, Worker 11811.)


Members in good standing who are over the age of 18 and who want access to private content can ask one of us for access.


We are in a somewhat sticky situation where we have to balance the need for our members' privacy with their ability to access this website's content. Our permissions system is the best way we have to strike that balance.


I'm sorry of it is inconvenient at times but I hope you understand.


If you or somebody you know is a member of this website in good standing, is over the age of 18 and who wants access to our private content please send us an e-mail or a PM. We will do our best to help.

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  • 3 months later...

After a very long time waiting for the story to be approved, "The Labyrinth of Pilosus" is now available at Literotica:




I would really appreciate it if people would vote it up.

As of now, the story has 4122 views and the vote count is 4.35 (out of 5) with 20 votes.


It would be nice if the story could get up to 4.5 or better.

If it does, it will appear on the Top List.



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