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White Fox

Please let us know the "Style" that you like best for the Den Forums.  

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  1. 1. Please let us know the "Style" that you like best for the Den Forums.

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Folks, we would like you all to answer a question for us. Without your answers to questions like this we have no way to know what your thoughts are. So we REALLY, REALLY need you to answer.


Feel free to make comments here as well as answering the poll. However, even if you comment here please answer the poll as well. IF you only comment, we don't know if you answered the poll or not so it skews the results.


Thanks for your help folks. By the way you will remember on a similar topic like this a few months back people mentioned that they would like to see the place updated around here a bit. Redecorated if you will. This is all part of the response to that reaction back then.


Please remember that it takes a few minutes here to get used to the new "Decorations". So make sure that you give them just a bit of time.


If you have not tried them yet, just look for "User Control Panel" up top, and then "Board Preferences" and look under "Styles" to scroll down and see the different options.

I have allowed you to choose two different options if you wish.

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We have been informed that our instructions for testing out the different styles need to be more complete. So, here is a revised version:


1) click on "User Control Panel" near the top of the page.

2) click on "Board Preferences" to see what your current settings are.

3) on the "My Board Style:" line click on the down arrow to the right edge of the current style setting. this will open a list of available styles.

4) click on the style name you want to use.

5) click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to make the change.


We encourage you to try out all the available styles before voting in the poll.

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