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White Fox

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Folks I know that this is off topic here but I really hope that all of you try the new STYLE for the Den. I know some people don't look at the other forum so I wanted to let everyone here know about it. It makes the place look totally and absolutely different. I use it and I would not even remotely think of going back to one of the old ones. It is so much easier on the eyes for one thing.


Just look at the top of the page for the User Control Panel and then Board Preferences. Just look for the styles that end in FD. I use SubsilverFD and would not even slightly consider going back to one of the old styles. I will warn that it is brighter so it might take you just a very short while to get used to it. But give it a couple of days and I think you will be like me.


I always hated the colours of the pages here with a total and outright passion once we converted to the new updated site with the last styles on it. They were always just plainly damned ugly in my estimation. But Worker has done a fantastic job on these two new ones.


Give them a try for a day. I will bet that you will not to ever again to return to the old ugly layouts. Because the site is now beautiful if you use these!


A place we can be proud of!


In a couple of days I am going to add a poll here to see who likes what. Hope a lot of you will give us answers there on that.


White Fox

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