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BIG is not always better folks!!!

White Fox

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Folks, I SWEAR that this experience actually took place while trying to set up a new cell phone!


I worked for a week to try to get emails to work. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the type to sit and think things out slowly. I hate trivia with a passion few if any people would ever understand. I like to think things out gradually. But that damned phone beat me! So, I called my local service provider as my emails are web based and that is where the web site is. No luck as I had just not thought things out enough yet to tell them exactly what was taking place. Hard to understand a new phone and email all at once. After another two or three days I stopped in at Bell to ask. They said "Oh we can't help with things like that but they can at our service level as they are familiar with it. Their service was just reading out of books in India of course, and they put me through this long line of things I had already tried twenty times. And of course they didn't work. So, we will give you the number for Samsung Service right in Korea I think. Samsung says "Oh you have to delete everything and put your phone right back to the way it was from the factory." So I pressed that button. Lost all of the settings of course. And of course the email did not work. STill could not receive. So, finally I called my little service provider Netrover once more and their guy answered. This time I experimented enough with both one and two emails to know it was incoming not working MOST of the time but not all of the time. Guy says "Oh I know what that is. But let me check first. Back he came and said Look under here and here on your computer. Is the box checked? Nope. Then check it and set the number to two. The computer was reading the emails and deleting them before the phone mostly got them. So I set to save the messages on the server for TWO days. Problem solved. Local Bell could not help. Service for all of Bell Canada could not help. SAMSUNG SERVICE could not help. And the local guy says, Gee I can't even understand that as we deal with this all of the time. They should have thought of that immediately from your description! BIG is not always better folks!!!!

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white fox,

I know that feeling. I have my desktop, where all email is deleted from the server (my internet service provider email bucket for me). I also have a laptop that I use when I am away from home (lately that's the Hospital) it fetches the email without deleting them from the server, but its set up to delete emails from the server when they are deleted from the program. it saves me from deleting the spam twice.

i had no problem setting up my tablet running android to fetch email from my main server, Yahoo, and gmail. but it only gets them from the server, and does not delete them. I try not to have many emails on the tablet, because i have to delete them twice (inbox then take out the trash) and the storage is limited.


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