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New Look for the Fur Den!

Worker 11811

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The Fur Den has a new look!


Hey everybody! We've been working behind the scenes for weeks to give you guys a surprise! Now were ready to unveil our new board styles!


We've already changed the den's default style to the new look but members who have already chosen a style will need to switch themselves. You can do this in the user's board preferences located in your forum control panel.


Click here: ucp.php


Go to your board preferences page and select a new style. We have four choices to choose from. There are two of the old stand-bys plus two customized styles made just for Fur Den members.


We have the old Prosilver style and the Subsilver style that everybody knows but, look closely, you'll see two more called "Prosilver FD" and "Subsilver FD."


Everybody check out the new Fur Den looks and let us know what you think!


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