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Post your DREAM PC

Mr Barguzin

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Thanks Earendil for getting me to broaden my horizons *grin*


Simple really.... this is an extension of Ear's topic above/below. If you had the money, what system would you NOW be using?


Mine starts with the link in the other topic... but the mods are as follows (be still my shrinking wallet):


CPU: Intel 950D 3.8 Ghz

Chassis: Space Black

Video cooling and accoustic dampening (Fusion red lights *grin*)

Video: Dual GeForce 7900 GTX 512 RAM

Memory: 4Gb DDR2 SDRAM

HD: SATA x 2 x 160Gb

Monitor: 20.1" LCD


Plus CDR/W and DVD R/W


THEN Heores of Might and Magic 5 would be beauuuuuuutiful to look at... and play Waaaaahaaaaaahaaahahaaaaaa


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OMG S1m... that's one heck of a system there *grin*


Seems like we in Oz are a few years behind the US (again)

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Kind of did in "Post your PC" but another whack.


As I said I have one [not quite HAL] at the office and my new CAD woman seems to have tamed it. The Mac G5 with 30" LCD Monitor and liquid cooled innards. My it's so nice and quiet!! Having some HUGE CAD files is an amazement to this old draftsman to whirl and fly through a 3D image of a mega-project with such ease. HAL would be proud. I watch and don't play.


I'll soon have 3Gig's of Athlon CPU and 320Gig's of Hard Drive with a Primary 15Gig/10,000RPM Hard Drive for processing speed like the BOXX computers.





Maybe not quite that extreme but close but definitely Linux.



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