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Is the Den closing down?

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I sincerely hope that the Den is not going to be closing down, and to help I have made a small donation. I hope that some others will too.

How much does the site cost per annum to run, and how much are we short?

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Thanks for the donation



White Fox (the site owner) will have to weigh in on if the site will close. However, I believe we are paid up for several more months (IIRC, almost a year). As to the annual cost I will have to look that up and edit this post.


EDIT: Our annual cost is approximately $1,010. That includes domain registration and hosting for thefurden.com and melodyohair.net.

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As to costs per year. It will seem like double talk but those do change a bit. Sometimes if we call in we can get "Special deals" to renew. Those special deals can be up to 20% savings. BUT we cannot always get those. Those deals come often for new folks. But they do not come often for old sites that are renewing.


Thus, it is a bit hard to give actual prices. But I think that AKCoyote has given you what is at least a good estimate.


On top of that I for one will give a good bit to keep this site going. But I just cannot do the whole thing. We do need help.


YES! The Den WILL close down in about a year if we do not get further help with finances. We are still hoping that more members will come through to help. In fact more members who have not donated before. We don't expect everyone to give us $500 or $150. To even think of that is ridiculous. We hope that some of you can help us with what you can afford. If folks were to give us just over 10 cents a day for a full year, that amounts to almost $40. If five people do that, that would give us $200. Just ten cents per day!


I don't want anyone to think that the notice above is a threat. It is NOT. It was never meant to be. It is just a simple fact, that if we do not get more donations in the coming very few months, we will have absolutely NO choice but to close the site down.


We have thought of going back to our roots. Deleting everything but one forum and moving to a free site. But I do not think that any of you would want us to do that. And I believe that would be the wrong move. If the Den must die, then, it should die in dignity. It should not be allowed to wither to nothing and then die a painful death!


BUT! Folks. If you wish to help us out. We CAN save it. We CAN save our little home here. It is up to everyone to decide if we want to do that. And everyone includes not just administrators. Not just mods. Not just members. It is up to everyone who ever comes at all to our little home here.


We will do everything that we can to keep our home going. But we can only do it with your help.


I hope that answers your questions. And I hope that we do not come across too much as "begging". I am simply trying to state the facts in an honest way.


White Fox


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