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Post your PC!


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Lets see what everyone accesses the Den from!


I'm on a 12" laptop, in my couch, on a wireless LAN


Pic of my laptop: clix


Let's see your Fur Den-machine! Stationary, laptop, self-made, old heap? Show!

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Hmmmmmmmm... no pick..... but



512MB DDRRam,

GeForce FX 5200,

Creative sound card,

Asus m'board....

and cheap case...

Altec Speakers with Bass

19" Hitachi Monitor @1280 x 1024 @85 Hz


self built and upgraded. (Pity about M'board and chipset though *sigh*)



Dream Machine..... http://www.alienwaresystems.com.au/dnn2/default.aspx?tabid=103&ConfigurationID=34

With red lighting WEG and a few more upgrades

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My 'puter as Mr. B would say:


Local IPS on

Municipal Fiber Optic Cable,

Two 19"LCD Samsungs,

220Gig's of HD [about to be 320],

1.5Gig CPU,





My Dream Machine Mr. B.?


It's at my Office:


Mac G5 with 30" monitor and loaded with Graphisoft's ArchiCAD.

Liquid cooled CPU and on and on......

It's on the same Fiber Optic Cable Network.

Unfortunately I don't even get to use it. The "Draftswoman" smiles as she draws.

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3Ghz Intel Prescott Processor

512 mb ram (not enough )

BFG GeForce 6800 GS OC

Cheap small CRT monitor

LS3/5A Rogers speakers with Cyrus One amp

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What can I say about mine?


It's a home made scrap heap. It has no side panel, cos I'm always messing with it. The drive bay covers are smashed as is most of the front panel, and severly stabbed with a screwdriver when I loose my cool with it. They have to be told who's boss!!!


Apart from that its 2.4 Mhz P4

1.24 Gb RAM

32 Mb Gforce graphics card

A 120 & 180 Gb hard drives

Linksys wireless router

oh, and its black, cept for the dvd drive CD writer which aren't. and a silver 19" flat screen.

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Mine is grey. Its got Dell written on it on a tower and a big old screen. which also has Dell on it. It says its designed for windows 95. It also says Dimension XPS M200s on it.


Is such an antique worth anything?

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Mine is ancient in today's standards.


2001 Compaq Presario 5000 (now Hewlett Packard)

Windows XP Home Edition (upgraded w/service pack-2)

Pentium-4 1.7 gigahertz processor

80 Gigabyte Hard Drive

512k RAM (upgradable to 768k )

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000 Graphics Card (upgrade)

48x CD/DVD ROM (seperate)

CD Burner (before the days of CD/DVD Burners) (seperate)

22" CRT Monitor (Big sucker)

Cable Modem


Well thats my system, sad isn't it .

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Well MissT,


All I can say/ask is that you continue to enjoy it *grin*... and think of we poor aussies who don't have access to the ALX series yet.... for some reason.


Well, there is one question I can ask... What colour is it? (The tower, that is *grin*)

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actually it is a brick red color that I don't really like... I thought the red was true red. i would have liked to have gotten the green if i'd known... oh well, live and learn.

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Miss T.


Get some mortar colorted tape and make a brick pattern.


You can say you have a computer built like a brick st house.



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Mine :


Processor : Athlon XP-M 2600+ @2800MHz

Motherboard : Abit NF7-S

RAM : Corsair Twinx1024 3200C2

Video : GeForce 6600GT

SCSI : Tekram U160

HD : IBM 36Go SCSI 10000tr

Maxtor 120 Go s-ata

Maxtor 120 Go usb2




Monitor : Iiyama 17" TFT

Case : Antec SX-1041 Black + Tagan 380w

Watercooling : Innovacool rev3 + BlackIce Chrome + Eheim 1048


Wednesday I'll have :

Athlon64 3500+


GeForce 7600GT

1.5Go Corsair

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  • 2 years later...

So, If I can come back from the dead, along with E, why can't a post he started many moons ago. Now, as some may know, the puter that you by-passed on your way to this post (and if you were lazy, naughty.... go back and be amazed at what we actually got online with less than two years ago.....) passed away with a gradual degradation of the motherboard leading to first the keyboard (which I am currently using) dying followed by the mouse (again, still in use) and the monitor (in spare bedroom.... anyone interested??*grin*) So... what am I using now i hear you all clamour:

(bugger.... just downloaded the Aussie English dictionary from firefox, and now they want me to restart Firefox.... well, bugger 'em)


Intel Duo core 2 E6850 (3.00Ghz)

Geforce 9600GT 1 GB vid card

2Gig Ram DDR2 (Should be 3..... but haven't contacted them about that little point yet.)

at least 1 250GB SATA HD (two are listed in system in XP Pro - finally a legal program *grin*)

uses MB's sound card

22" Benq LCD monitor

oooooooooooooooooooo yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah.... and a router/modem... as opposed to the pitiful modem then used.

Unfortunately, am still stuck on ADSL.... not even ADSL2 or 2+ ah well, can't have it all.


So folks... times have changed and so have your puters.... so lets hear what it is and so on.... the Box???? A lovely black with silver trim and a fluoro blue lit when its on, with fluoro red when HD is active *grin*

Spelling errors *grrrrrrrrrrrr*

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I am still using the same "Blueberry" iMac I bought in 1999.


It's got a 400 MHz G3 processor and I've maxed it out in the memory department to 512 MB. It's got 128 GB of hard drive, again, as large as it can hold. (Only got a 40 bit PATA controller.) I've got another 200 GB of external storage via FireWire.


In another six months, this computer will be 10 year old but it's still going strong. I'm planning to get another computer, someday, but I don't have any definite designs on any just yet.


I think I'm going to see just how much I can get out of this computer before I cash it in.

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Upgraded since the last post on my system.


2-20" Samsung 204B LCD monitors,

3.0GHz Athlon Dual Core 64bit CPU


Envidia Dual Monitor Graphic board

320GIG HD for ubuntu Linux

120GIG HD for WindoZ XP

76.7GIG "Shared" HD (moving scans from XP to Linux)

Kinessis Freestyle split keyboard

Logitech Marble Ball Mouse (used left handed)

Municipal Fiber Optic cable connection and local ISP.


My previous computer is my office word processor now.



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Mine's a bit of a boat anchor.


P4 single core. 3.0ghz.

2gigs ram

1x 40gig HD

1x160gig HD

Logitech wireless keyboard and rechargeable mouse.

24" Samsung monitor.

On board graphics and sound cards. (Whatever it came with)

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