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Beautifulfurs.com First 2006 Update

Guest beautifulfurs.com

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The first New Fox of the Month feature girl is up on www.beautifulfurs.com.

This time the feature Grrl Briana shows the impact of what a fox headband can add to an outfit.


Its been a while sense we last had an update but this one is just the start for 2006.


If you are offended by Transgendered Ladies, please avoid this site, If you are open to the concept please enjoy.


* I did get cleared by Fur Brg before I posted this message.*

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Great photos as always Eric!



Folks we finally have this clear. You will see banners inside the site. However these are by "Tripod" and not by Eric. As a result this post is welcome in the Den.


Eric does not often post info on his site so we are glad to post an occasional bit of info on updates to great looking sites such as his.

Sorry for the confusion Eric but I am glad you were on so we could get it strightened out.


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I had trouble downloading the page. The link to Fox of the Month Didn't work, but the links to the galleries did. Have you checked the page with Firefox? or is it just the long distance connection?

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