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Thank you so much for showing us this Foxb


It really helps to give us an idea of your designs, etc. Some fantastic work there, and just the type of things that might help a struggling industry as well!


as for being satisfied. It is great that you aren't. When you are "Satisfied" it generally means you are moving on. i.e. you are becoming stagnant. If you are not satisfied it means your designs will just keep getting better and better!


Thanks again



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EXCELLENT and creative Foxb!


I love seeing your unique designs. I like what appears to be sheared fur jackets.


White Fox is right if you aren't satisfied, you won't keep striving!




JA " title="Applause" />

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BRAVO! Creative folks, and the creative process need to be applauded whether or not you are "satisfied". I personally adore that you're taking on a huge challenge to incorporate fur for men in a fresh way....so impressive. Thank you!

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